Real Time Data Collection Systems

Buried in paper, spreadsheets, charts and reports? The amount of data and information available today can be down right daunting. Genesys Controls Corporation has developed multiple real-time data collection systems that eliminate that. We work with our customers to identify critical process variables and have the expertise to apply the proper control technology to accurately monitor and report them in a timely fashion. In the process, we may even discover critical process elements that the customer may not even have been aware of. How about simply receiving a text message on your smart phone or email for a process exception or alarm from a remote site?

Process variables and high and low alarm and warning limits are customer-defined and can be changed remotely at any time. Any input that your process has can be defined as a condition, warning or alarm, and more than one person can be entered to receive the messages that are generated by the data collection and monitoring system. We design, program and build control systems that incorporate intuitive graphical interfaces where the customer has input into its ‘look and feel’.streaming-data

Production data is stored and is available for post reporting and analysis using Excel or any statistical analysis tools. Daily and monthly summary reports of process variables, inputs and output states and alarms can be can be enabled and disabled. You have the final control over your own system which can be configured to automatically send reports and/or events to anyone that needs them. An email can be waiting for you in the morning with a recap of yesterday’s events. Reports will be geared specifically to your needs. This information can then be used for preventative maintenance and maximizing process performance.

Even remote virtual access to the site is possible via secure internet protocols and passwords. This has proven to be quite effective in achieving autonomous operation and control of equipment and processes located in remote areas, particularly environmental remediation systems, environmental monitoring and pumping stations.

Return on investment includes the elimination of field personnel trips to the sight, the ability to quickly react to a remote alarm condition and the elimination of paper-based hand-written information.

From remote locations to the plant floor, Genesys has the knowledge and experience to meet your real-time data collection and information challenge.